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12 Steps of living
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Giving cadets the opportunity to learn how to protect systems
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The Cyber Cadets empower individuals on how to behave online and they program will conduct training on the 12 Steps of how to life a SafeCyberLife.

The Services of a Cyber Cadets are as Follows:
Creating Campaigns that will give awareness in communities.

How does it work, it works by the youth working together in a group to come up with innovative ways on which problems they identify in their communities?

Cyber Bullying campaigns to stop cyber bullying amongst the youth.

The Cyber Bullying campaign is a group where we work on youth individuals who are being bullied online. We work together by using a step from the SafeCyberlife Manual on how to fight the Cyber Bullies online.

Creating opportunities in the Cyber Security world

This is in regard to the awareness campaigns where individuals will be able on how to speak in regards to live a SafeCyberLife

Cyber Cadets

Is a coding program that focuses on empowering the youth in coding where we provide funding. The Cyber Cadets also have the opportunity to provide us with Their special projects which we shall push forward as the SafeCyberLife Team

Cyber Cadets for Adults

Is a program for adults that teaches the adults the importance of Cyber Security awareness part of the workplace

The Following Program will cover the following:

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The Cyber Cadet helps an individual by informing them about the 12 steps to live a SafeCyberLife

They look for a community facility such as a community hall or schools in the area to teach them about how to live a SafeCyberLife

To empower the community about the Cyber Security awareness and how to behave online


Once you have done the training you will be provide a reseller code and with the reseller code you will be allowed to bring consumer to buy products from SCL and this option is optional.


  1. Complete the Cyber cadet Training
  2. Then once you have completed the Training you will be provided a link to join the Cyber Bullying the reason why we do that is cause in Cyber Cadet program you need to know how the guidelines around the Cyber Bullying works.

The StopNonsense Campaign was created by the Youth to fight Cyber Bullies online with the guidelines given the training provided by the Cyber Cadets training program.

When it comes to the Cyber Cadet as an Adult you will be trained on the Cyber Security Awareness and with the Cyber Security Training the Cyber Cadets as an Adult will be able to empower the workplace individuals on how to behave online.

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  • Cyber Cadets


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